Stop Discrimination Against Trans Athletes

January 20, 2022

🚨  Banning transgender kids from participating in school sports is Indiana’s latest attempt to prevent transgender people from living full and equal public lives.

Participation in sports is a key aspect of public schooling for many Hoosier students and is linked to better outcomes in grades, graduation rates, and mental health.

Indiana legislators have proposed a trans athlete ban, HB 1041, that will single out trans kids for further exclusion by preventing them from participating in sports with their peers, sending them the message that they are not worthy of the same kinds of opportunities as their classmates.

When misinformation about biology and gender is used to bar transgender girls from sports it amounts to the same form of sex discrimination that has long been prohibited under Title IX, a law that protects all students – including trans people – on the basis of sex.

🏳️‍⚧️ Transgender people have the right to participate in sports consistent with who they are, just like anyone else. Denying this right is unconstitutional and blatant discrimination.

In every state and every community – trans people belong. We will fight to ensure our laws reflect that. We urge Indiana lawmakers to stop these attacks on trans children.

We must fight back.


TAKE ACTION! Contact the House Education Committee and Speaker Huston to oppose this discriminatory bill NOW.

✍️  CLICK HERE and use the form provided by ACLU of Indiana to send a message to your legislator.

📍 Join ACLU of Indiana at the Indiana Statehouse South Atrium on Monday, January 24 at 8 AM to rally in support of transgender youth ahead of the bill’s committee hearing at 8:30AM. Get more info HERE!