Indy Pride welcomes Whelhaus Co. to assist with organizational consulting

August 3, 2021
Indy Pride is excited to announce that our leadership team will begin partnering with TJ Wright and Whelhaus Co. for organizational consulting beginning August 1st!
TJ and the Whelhaus Co. team will help to navigate important community conversations, assist our board of directors in reimagining our priorities, and contribute to crafting the position for a permanent executive director to help the board achieve the goals that align with our freshly outlined priorities.
Indy Pride Board President Tanner Alexander shared, “TJ’s experience is extensive; he’s lead agencies, created some of his own, and is actively involved in transforming the landscape of the LGBTQIA+ community across Indianapolis. I’m confident that the innovative plans brought forth by TJ and his team will serve Indy Pride well during our own time of transformation. The Board looks forward to this new partnership!”
Please help us welcome Whelhaus Co. to our team.