Indy Pride Parade Name Change

January 18, 2020

As Indy Pride continues to grow and better represent our diverse community who are part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, the organization understands the importance of recognizable and representative messaging. To that end, Indy Pride will promote all events with the easily recognizable name, “Indy Pride”. Therefore, the Board of Directors has taken that step with our annual parade and transition the name from “Cadillac Barbie Indy Pride Parade” to  “Indy Pride Parade”.

The Indy Pride Board of Directors would like to recognize and thank Gary Brackett, also known as “Cadillac Barbie”, for his years of dedicated service to the LGBTQ+ Community. His leadership, advocacy, and fundraising efforts laid the foundation for the success of Indy Pride as an organization and for representation and acceptance within our local community. Brackett’s work to end HIV/AIDS, create safe spaces, and enact system change are part of our history and we will continue to honor him on our History of Pride page. Indy Pride’s Board of Director’s respects and is grateful for his accomplishments.

It was with careful consideration and discussion that the decision to change the name of the parade was made. We are truly excited about the direction that our organization is headed and our growing opportunities to embrace and support our community members and the future of Indy Pride.