Gender Markers on BMV IDs

September 17, 2019



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From Indiana Legal Services, Inc.

LGBT Project

Recently there has been confusion about the state of gender marker changes in Indiana. This alert clarifies that you can still update your gender marker on your Indiana ID.

Can I still update the gender marker on my State ID?

Can I still get a nonbinary ID?

YES! The process for updating IDs has not changed. You can update your ID with a letter or BMV form 55617, where your doctor certifies that you have undergone all treatment necessary to permanently change your gender. What treatment is necessary is determined by your doctor, not the BMV. You can also update our ID with an updated birth certificate.

YES! The BMV is issuing nonbinary IDs and the proposed rule didn’t try to change that.

Can I still update the gender marker on my Indiana Birth Certificate?

YES! The process for updating birth certificates has not changed. You can update your birth certificate with a court-ordered gender marker change.

If the rules for updating IDs change, will it be overnight?

No. There are two ways the rules about changing your gender marker can be changed: from the BMV or from the legislature. If the BMV wants to try and change the rules again, they will have to notify the public in advance and give people an opportunity to comment on the change. It is also possible that there will be legislation on this issue. For legislative updates, follow the ACLU. Even though there will be warning if the rules change, if you are able, you should update your IDs now.

How can I get help or learn more?

For legal help with name and gender marker changes, contact the LGBT project of Indiana Legal Services at 765-423-2703 or [email protected].

For legislative updates and information, follow the ACLU at

The information provided does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All information is for general informational purposes only. Information current as of September 13, 2019