A Million Moments of Pride

April 29, 2019

50 years ago, Pride began at The Stonewall Inn when patrons of the establishment, who were primarily members of the LGBTQ+ Community were being harassed and arrested for gathering in public. Angry and tired of being persecuted for their sexuality or gender identity, they rose up and rioted, sparking the fire of Pride across the country. 

Since the Stonewall Riots, there have been a million moments of Pride. Moments of resistance, moments of celebration, moments of triumph, and moments of defeat. Through the marches, protests, and victories, the LGBTQ+ Community and it’s Allies have come together to celebrate Pride. 

We invite you to share your own moments of Pride with us and the rest of our community.  Share a story, a photo, or even just a feeling of your pride here in Indy in your social media channels.  Contribute to our community celebrating together and sharing our stories proudly!  Use the hashtag #MyIndyPrideMoment to share your story and to bring our community together.  

We hope you’re planning to join us on Saturday, June 8th as we march on Historic Mass. Ave. in the Cadillac Barbie Indy Pride Parade Presented by Delta Faucet Company with Grand Marshals: Senator J.D. Ford, Shelly Fitzgerald, Low Pone, and Trinity Haven. There we will honor our local heroes and the million moments of Indy Pride, through dance, music, and celebration!