Q+ Council

Improving social outcomes for the mental wellness and addiction recovery of the LGBTQ+ community.
We are multi-generational individuals from different communities in Indiana who educate and advocate on mental wellness and addiction issues for the LGBTQ+ community.
NOTICE: During COVID-19, our Quarterly Meetings will continue virtually, our Strategic Planning and Tech Workgroups will remain active, and our Data Aggregating and Stakeholder’s Meeting Workgroups will be paused

Committees and Initiatives

Events Workgroups – Events Workgroups will grow and change based on the upcoming event or initiative for the Council.

Quarterly Meeting – a meeting of the representative agencies within the Q+ Indiana Council, including the Q+ Indiana Council member of that agency, to discuss initiatives from across the state and encourage collaborative work.

Tech Workgroup – The Tech Workgroup continues to progress the web presence of the Q+ Indiana Council.

Data Aggregating Workgroup – This workgroup reviews the data from Q+ Indiana Council events and initiatives and agrees on what and how to share with the community.

Strategic Planning Committee – The Strategic Planning Committee leads the creation and review of the Q+ Indiana Council Strategic Plan, including directing out to members when assistance is needed.

Curriculum Working Group – This Curriculum Working Group is an intentional, intersectional group of Q+ Indiana Council members and outside Council entities working in partnership with Indy PRIDE and IU Hospital to create Education Discussion Modules on LGBTQIA healthcare competency.


Shannon Alford

Curriculum Working Group Leader

Kristen Ludeker-Seiber

Data Aggregating Chair

Brenda Graves-Croom

Stakeholder’s Meeting
Events Workgroup Chair

Justin Rubio Misch

Tech Workgroup

John Pavlack

Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Honorary Members and Experts

JD Ford

Indiana State Senate District 29

Dana Black

Indiana Stonewall Democrats

Riley Gender Clinic

PFLAG Indianapolis

Membership Roles

Council members – members of the Council that do not have the extra time to participate in committees/workgroups but do attend the monthly meetings

Committee/Workgroup member – members of the Council who will also participate in committees and workgroups

Regional Spokesperson (future goal at this time)

Advisory members – members of the Council who cannot attend every monthly meeting as a Council member but can attend special meetings and events or be of assistance regarding decisions and trajectory

Honorary members – prominent members of our community who support our Council; receive invitations to special meetings and events to bring attention to our Council

Mission supporters – those on the email list who only stay up to date, share events, etc.
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The word is out! Testimonials from Community Participants.

“An amazing event and I admire you all to bring people of all backgrounds
together to build onthis issue of access to care.”
“Excellent discussion and engagement.”
“This is a movement & it takes all people.”