Indy Pride Pageantry is a branch of Indy Pride, Inc. that is facilitated, managed, and executed by its former title holders, with the help of the Pride Board of Directors. The goal, heart and mission of this system is to be an inclusive body for everyone and anyone by providing a voice for all those we represent in the city of Indianapolis and State of Indiana whom identify as LGBTQ+. Through this system, we plan to encourage, support and give back to our community through fundraising and volunteerism.

This Indy Pride system is set-up so anyone who would like to represent Indy Pride may participate. Our goal is that everyone feels part of the Pride Community regardless of gender identity.

Based on the desire to be inclusive, there are three categories with individuals identifying the area which best represents them. These categories are: Miss, Mr. and MX. With these categories, we eliminate the traditional ranking system (winner, 1st alt, 2nd alt) to allow anyone male, female or non-binary to choose the category in which they wish to compete. Additionally, all forms of drag are welcome and represented.

While the bulk of the responsibilities will be during the events and week of Pride, our goal is to make this role last throughout the year with a continued impact on our greater community. We will be connecting with local organizations to provide volunteer and fundraising opportunities as well as visibility in the community.

This year’s pageant theme is “Artistry in Drag”. Contestants will be required to select a song and costume that embodies whatever Artistry in Drag means to you!

The Mr. Indy Pride and Mx. Indy Pride Categories will take place Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

The Miss Indy Pride Category will be held Sunday, May 5th, 2024.

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Indy Pride Pageant


All contestants will compete in 4 different categories totaling (150 Pts.). This is a points-based system.

Category Details

Presentation (50 Points)
This is the “Presentation” category for Indy Pride Pageantry System. Each contestant will present themselves to the audience and judges in an (Artistry in Drag) outfit/costume. No glitter, fire, or water may be used in this category. There is a three (3) minute limit, no set-up time, and each contestant must introduce themselves on the microphone giving their name, location, & contestant number, as well as tie in the theme of the pageant; (Artistry in Drag) AND their choice of outfit. Contestants will provide their own music for this category. Contestants will be judged on creativity, fit, ability to model, speaking ability, music selection, and overall effectiveness of presentation and introduction. Show us your BEST, and make sure to answer how you have evolved and experienced to be here today as well as why you chose to portray said character/presentation today. (Artistry in Drag)

Evening Gown (25 Points)
Each contestant will be judged individually and comparatively in a full-length evening gown. It may be of any color, style, and fashion. Contestants will be judged on gown selection, fit, hair/makeup, accessories, poise, modeling ability, and general appearance. Indy Pride Inc. will provide music for this category. (Miss or Mx.)

Creative Evening Wear (25 Points)
Each contestant will be judged one at a time and comparatively in Creative Evening Wear. It may be of any color, style, and fashion. Contestants will be judged on creativity, evening wear selection, fit, hair/makeup, accessories, poise, modeling ability, and general appearance. Indy Pride Inc. will provide music for this category. (Mr. or Mx.)

On-Stage Question (25 Points)
Contestants will compete in an On-Stage Question during the Evening Wear/Gown Competition. Scoring is separate from the Evening Wear/Gown category. Contestants will be judged on poise, confidence, ability to communicate, vocabulary, and grammar, and overall effectiveness of answer. Questions will be determined by random draw and will NOT be political in nature.

Talent (50 Points)
Each contestant will be judged in a talent selection of their choice. It may be of any type that will not put themselves or the audience in danger. Excessive glitter, fire, and water may not be used in this category. The talent portion is limited to seven (7) minutes and will be timed at rehearsal. There is a five (5) minute limit total set-up and tear down time, if. There will be a 1 point per judge deduction for time infractions. These deductions can ruin you in this system of judging, so DO NOT GO OVER THE TIME LIMIT. Contestants will be judged on ability (lip-sync, dance, live vocal, etc,) entertainment value, costuming/makeup, sound quality, and effectiveness of props and dancers if used. Please note, if using props or other performers, they will be judged using the same criteria.


  • The use or dispensing of any illegal substance will not be tolerated while any contestant is participating in ANY Indy Pride pageant. Immediate disqualification and ejection from the premises will occur for anyone breaking this rule.
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages by the contestant, dressers/helpers, or dancers will also result in disqualification if more than one verbal or written warning is given by Indy Pride Inc. or Indy Pride Pageant Staff.
  • Any contestant not in the appointed place at the appointed time (i.e. contestant check-in, start of pageant, etc.) will have a one point per judge deduction.
  • Any contestant, dancer, or dresser/helper who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person’s property will be ejected from the premises and will cause immediate disqualification.
  • Indy Pride Pageantry does not discriminate against entertainers with silicone and hormone use. The use of silicone and/or hormones will not be considered by any judge in scoring contestants.
  • Indy Pride Board and Pageantry Directors reserve the right to make decisions concerning any matter not covered by these rules.
  • The promoters of Indy Pride may disqualify from entering or revoke titles from those who
    • Does not present themselves in a professional manner
    • Does not abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Pageant
    • Currently holds a title, which may hinder his/her/their performance as a representative of Indy Pride
    • Possesses an ability to cause substantial problems as to their performance history

Day of Event

All music must be on a high-quality CD, clearly labeled, with the contestant’s name and title of the song – all music on ONE CD. It is strongly suggested that additional copies of the CD be immediately available in the event that the original becomes unusable. (#1 – Presentation, #2 – Talent, #3 – Crowning)
As this is a nightclub environment, please note that dressing area and storage space will be limited, please keep this in mind when planning costumes and/or any other materials you bring with to the preliminary. All contestants must be 21+ years or older to participate with proper identification upon request.


In order to bring our Indiana community together, as well as give back and maintain a professional brand and appearance — the Winners of the Indy Pride Pageant will sign a separate Indy Pride Inc. contract outlining our expectations as our titleholder, as well as the participation in the AIDS Walk and at least, ONE benefit for Indy Pride, Inc. sometime during your reign as Mr., Miss, or Mx. Indy Pride 2024. This benefit can be done together as a team and is encouraged.

The staff and members of Indy Pride Inc. would like to welcome you to the Indy Pride Pageantry System! We would like to congratulate you on taking this step in the process to become part of the Indy Pride pageantry family!

Roles/Responsibilities of Indy Pride Pageant Winners

Mandatory – Must be in full Drag, Photos will be taken.

Hoosier 250 

Official Flag Waver
Support & Spokesperson

Pet Pride
Support & Spokesperson

Support & Spokesperson

Softball Game
Possible Participant/Co-Emcee
Support & Spokesperson

Bag Lady Show/Girl Pride
Performer at Bag Lady Show (Gregs)
Presence at Girl Pride

Pride Parade & Fest
Float Rider
Performer on Main Stage
Support & Spokesperson

Optional– Non-Drag (Sash)

(AT least 1 representative has to be at these events)

Rainbow 5K
Support & Spokesperson

Trans Pride
Possibly perform
Interact with crowd

Pride Skate
Fun Night

Deaf Pride
Possibly perform
Interact with crowd

Music & Movie Night
Support & Spokesperson

Femme Pride
Be a spokesperson
Possibly perform

Outside of Pride Week

  • Indy AIDS Walk
  • Plan & Execute Indy Pride, Inc. benefit
  • Various Indy Pride functions e.g. Pride mixers, call-outs, meetings, etc.


CLICK HERE to apply to participate in the pageant!