Indy Pride 2024 Emergency Action Plan

The Indy Pride 2024 Emergency Action Plan outlines actions to be taken in case of an emergency during our event. This plan is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all event attendees.


Emergency Action Committee (EAC):

The Emergency Action Committee referred to as EAC, is responsible for implementing and coordinating the Emergency Action Plan. In case of conflicting directions, the Indy Pride, Inc. Executive Director and Board President have the authority to discontinue or postpone the event.


General Conduct during Emergency or Urgent Situations:

Please adhere to the following guidelines in emergency situations:

  • Move with purpose, but do not run unless it is necessary for personal safety.
  • Stay calm at all times.
  • Assess the situation before taking action.


Severe Weather Action Plan:

Indy Pride event staff will monitor weather forecasts in advance, and a NOAA weather radio will be available and monitored during events.

  • If thunderstorms are forecasted or developing conditions are observed, the Festival Director will notify all individuals via the PA system.
  • If thunder is heard and/or lightning is seen, activities will be immediately delayed, and attendees will be instructed to move indoors or to their vehicles (refer to evacuation procedures). The 30-30 Rule for Lightning Safety will be observed: If it takes less than 30 seconds to hear thunder after seeing a lightning flash, lightning is close enough to pose a threat. Activities will resume 30 minutes after the storm ends.
  • In the event of strong winds (25 mph or higher), portable tents will be evacuated.
  • During a tornado watch or warning, outdoor activities will be postponed, and attendees will be directed to safe areas (refer to evacuation procedures).


Lost Person:

If someone becomes lost, report to the Information Booth and indicate if the person is lost or unable to find someone. Those working the information booth will alert the main stage emcee to make an announcement. Additional announcements will be made every 10 minutes until they are found.


The threat of Violence:

Indy Pride treats all threats and rumors of violence seriously. If you feel in danger or perceive an immediate threat, please communicate your concerns to the nearest security personnel, volunteer, staff member or law enforcement officer.

If you witness a suspicious package or activity, do not touch or approach it. Immediately report it to the nearest security personnel, volunteer, staff member, or law enforcement officer.

In the event of an active shooter situation, follow the “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol:


Run: If it is safe to do so, evacuate the area and encourage others to do the same. Leave personal belongings behind and keep your hands visible.


Hide: If evacuation is not possible, find a secure location to hide. Lock or barricade doors, turn off lights, and silence electronic devices. Stay quiet and take cover behind solid objects.


Fight: As a last resort, if confronted by the shooter and unable to flee or hide, use any means necessary to protect yourself and others. Act with aggression and throw items to distract and disarm the shooter. Wait for law enforcement instructions and cooperate fully with their commands.


Medical Emergencies:
In case of a medical emergency, notify the nearest staff member, volunteer, or security personnel. Trained medical personnel will be available throughout the event to provide assistance and coordinate with emergency services if necessary. First aid stations will be set up at designated locations, clearly marked with signage.


Evacuation Procedures:
If an evacuation is necessary, instructions will be communicated through the PA system, mobile alerts, and staff or volunteer announcements. Follow the directions of event staff, security personnel, or law enforcement officers. Move calmly but swiftly towards designated evacuation points or exit routes, following the clearly marked signage. If driving, follow the instructions of traffic personnel and use designated evacuation routes. Attendees should remain outside the affected area until further instructions are given.


Important updates and instructions will be communicated through various channels, including:

  • PA system announcements
  • Social media platforms (official Indy Pride accounts)
  • Website updates (
  • Information booths
  • Event staff, volunteers, or security personnel

Review and Preparedness:
Indy Pride continuously reviews and updates its Emergency Action Plan to ensure the safety of all participants. It is recommended that attendees familiarize themselves with the plan and be prepared to follow instructions in case of an emergency.


Note: This adapted version of the Emergency Action Plan is intended for public dissemination and may not include all specific details and contingencies outlined in the original internal document. Please refer to the official Indy Pride sources and announcements for the most accurate and up-to-date information.