Welcome to Pride Voices!

March 13, 2018

Our Pride family has a vast array of unique perspectives, experiences, dreams, roadblocks, and moments to celebrate. Pride Voices is your opportunity to share your story with our community. Our stories are powerful, many of us have faced discrimination, the strange joy of navigating relationships with no real role models, the anxiety of starting a new job without knowing how people will react to our queerness, and everything in between. Of course, for many of us, this took place in the Heartland, which can be a challenging place to live.

It is the power of our stories which has the ability to unite us as a community, to give hope to those who may feel isolated, and to break through the dark veil of loneliness. In hearing your story, hope may be inspired in someone who is going through something similar. In the same way, through sharing your experiences, you will guide those who are still understanding their journey.

We invite you to share your story with us and our community. Please send your ideas, articles, and questions to [email protected]