Statement of Community Solidarity

May 13, 2020
In the past week, many in our community have participated in nonviolent protests, but have been met with violence while lifting up marginalized voices. As an organization that serves a community who has endured systematic oppression and attempts to be silenced throughout their history, Indy Pride supports any non-violent protest aimed at furthering peace, equity and accountability in our city. 
Through shared information about partner organizations and by providing community connection opportunities, Indy Pride aims to give support, resources and healing to our intersectional communities who are disproportionately impacted by loss, violence and lack of safety. The fight for equality is one that Indy Pride has been founded upon and we will continue to provide support for marginalized groups who experience helplessness and loss. 
It is the hope of Indy Pride to celebrate the diversity of our community and acknowledge that it will take a unified response by the whole of Indianapolis’ leaders and organizations to exact change that supports all members of our community.