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Queering Indy Roommate and Housing Database

Oct 18th, 2019 • Indy Pride

Queering Indy is excited to bring you a brand new program, Queering Indy – Housing. Housing is a program in three parts. First, they have a form you can fill out if you’re looking for a room to rent, or for someone to rent a house or apartment with. Second, they have a form to fill out if you have a room to rent out, and third is a form for LGBTQIA friendly landlords to fill out to list their properties, so that you can be confident that the person you’re renting from is an ally to our community. As of now, this information will appear as a spreadsheet that you can look through. As the program grows, they’ll be putting this all into one searchable place to make accessing it a little easier. You can find more information on their Facebook page! 

You can find the form for roommates here :
You can find the roommate listings here :
You can find the room for rent form here :
You can find the rooms for for rent listings here:
You can find the landlord form here:
You can find the landlord listings here:

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