Indy Pride 2020 Virtual Career Fair FAQ for Attendees

September 2, 2020

What are the event details? 

The Indy Pride Virtual Career Fair will take place ? Tuesday, October 6th, 2020  from 11am-2pm and will take place through ? private virtual meetings on Zoom. Indy Pride will connect the registered participants directly to the employers through an online scheduling platform. 


How will candidates be able to connect with potential employers? 

Each organization will set-up an online appointment calendar through Calendly for career fair attendees to schedule interviews to meet with recruiters. Once a candidate registers for the online event, they will schedule 15 minute 1:1 meetings with the employers of their choice. The employer will then reach out to the candidates that schedule interviews to send them the online Zoom meeting information. 


Are there any costs associated with participating in this event? 

This event will be free for the public to attend.


What level of roles or types of positions are typically available at the career fair? 

We have historically showcased employers from a wide variety of industries, encouraging job candidates with a wide variety of skill sets to participate. All positions from entry-level to executive positions are welcome for interview at the career fair. Click on the participating companies below to explore their open positions. 


What do I need to participate in the career fair? 

Each attendee is encouraged to: 

  • Have an electronic version of an updated resume to email to recruiters
    • If attendees are using a computer to attend the interview(s), attendees can also share this resume live through the screen sharing option on the Zoom platform.
  • Be in a location with a strong internet connection
    • If an attendee does not have internet access at home, we suggest trying to access complimentary wifi networks from locations like McDonald’s, Starbucks, or possibly your local library. 
  • ? If you would like to have an ASL interpreter present for your interview(s), please request an interpreter from the potential employer when scheduling your 1:1 interview(s).


Have more questions? Reach out to [email protected].