Indy Pride 2020 Board of Directors Slate

October 17, 2019

One of the benefits to being an Indy Pride Member is the opportunity to engage in the process of selecting our leadership, our esteemed Board of Directors. The Indy Pride Board of Directors is an all-volunteer board who meet monthly to represent the community, guide the direction of the organization, and plan the Indy Pride Festival, Parade, and other Indy Pride events.

Per Indy Pride’s bylaws, a slate committee was convened, conducted interviews, and has recommended these members represent the community on the Indy Pride Board of Directors.

Indy Pride is excited to present to you the following candidates to serve on the Board of Directors in 2020!

Tanner Alexander

Tanner Alexander is a native Hoosier and Indy resident since 2013. He graduated from the University of Indianapolis (go hounds!) in 2017 with a degree in electronic media and political science. If he’s not listening to live music or watching reality TV, you can find him hanging out with friends and enjoying the many different “watering holes” Indy has to offer. Tanner is thrilled to have the opportunity to represent the lgbtq+ community across Central Indiana and hear fun stories from Indy Pride members!

Jen Cooper
Amy Downs

I’m a born and raised Hoosier, with all my immediate family still living in the city. My daughter, Bryn, is my greatest joy and greatest challenge 🙂 Her Dad and I adopted her at birth and we’re passionate about open adoption. I’ve worked at Salesforce for 7 years where I’m a Regional VP of Sales; we work hard and play hard! I enjoy watching sports, eating good food, orange theory classes, hanging with my mom and sisters, and traveling with my boyfriend.
Eve Keller
Summer Keown
Robert Patrick
Amanda Randall

Amanda Randall was born and raised in Indianapolis, but spent the last 20 years of her life living on the West Coast (primarily in Los Angeles and San Francisco). She recently relocated back home with her wife (Amy) and 15 month old son (Ford) to be closer to family and is thrilled to be back. After spending a large portion of her adult life immersed in the world of commercials, theatre and film performance, Amanda became heavily involved in the field of law to learn more about legal protections and court cases (specifically those that affect the LGBTQ+ community), and is a paralegal by trade. The Indy Pride Organization holds a very special place in Amanda’s heart, as she longs to demonstrate to her son how passionate she is about embracing the differences in others and standing up for them on their behalf. Amanda believes getting involved in this important organization that celebrates the many colorful and diverse attributes that make our community great, would be a great start in showing him how to love and support everyone he meets.

Sean Seager

Sean Seager is a 31 year old native Hoosier. Hailing from southside Indy, Sean became an active member in the pride community starting in 2000. Since 2014, Sean has worked in the Housing Department for The Damien Center specializing in HIV/Aids funded grants. Now, he plans to utilize his ties and strengths to provide insight and assist the 2020 Indy Pride Board. When not in the community working, or playing, you can find him at home with his Fiancé Douglas and 5 kid-like dogs.

Chris Wakefield

For the last eight years Chris has worked as a Marketing Director and consultant. Chris is committed making our community stronger and helping Indy Pride grow. Chris is the father of a young daughter, Aria. With his husband, Eric, they spend most of their free time traveling and cheering on the Indy Eleven from the Brickyard Battalion section.

Chad Watson

I have been on the Indy Pride Board since 2015. On the board, I have served as the Membership Director, Grant Director, Risk Manager, Vice President of Membership, Festival Leadership, Festival Events Director Festival Truck Driver, Festival Compliance Manager, and Affiliates Director, and Other Prides Director. I have been a big supporter of other Indiana Prides, Circle city Softball, Circle City fest Volleyball Tournament, and the LGBTQ Film Festival.

As a member of Indy Pride, you may vote on the slate here. Voting will close at midnight on November 5, 2019.

We will be announcing the results of the vote at our Appreciation Night and Annual Meeting on November 14th at the Indianapolis Public Library – Central location. An ASL interpreter will be provided for this event. See more information and RSVP to attend the event here.