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Indy Pride Interfaith Celebration presented by PNC

Indy Pride Interfaith Celebration presented by PNC


For this year’s Interfaith Celebration, we will hold space for all LGBTQ+ folks of all faiths to celebrate the journey of our current or former faith tradition. This absolutely includes people who identify as agnostic or atheist.

We acknowledge that the queer community has had to navigate religion in unique ways, often with great pain due to the negligence or abuse of religious organizations, leaders, and their followers. Sometimes this means we walk away from our faith altogether. Other times, we keep some aspects of our faith and leave others behind. We also acknowledge that given the many shared hurtful experiences in religious settings, faith itself can be stigmatized within the queer community. This can create a sense of isolation among those who cling to aspects of their faith. Part of the LGBTQ+ heritage, however, is coming together to find strength and healing.

Our goal for the event is to provide an opportunity to connect with each other’s individual and collective journey through faith and to leave more whole than when we arrived.

We see the queer faith journey as “from, through, and to.” Where did you come from? What did you have to walk through? Where are you going to?

There are several ways to share your journey with the community this year. You may share your individual “from, through and to” story with the group. You can have your story blended anonymously and shared with the group by Alex Adams, Indy Pride board member and Life Story Teller, by submitting your story here via email to [email protected]. You can bring a sacred or meaningful object to place on our communal altar. You can also add to a collective work of art with other participants. Of course, you are also welcome to simply join the community and bear witness.

This is a safe space for those of all faiths and spiritualities. All community members are welcome to attend and participate in the communal alter and art, but we ask that our beloved allies leave individual and collective storytelling to queer people. This is a special time of year for us to share and be heard. Your presence is a gift we truly value.

Please arrive with an open mind, open heart, and sense of curiosity. We are so much more together than we are alone.

This event is absolutely FREE to attend!  CLICK HERE to get the details on your calendar and to receive helpful information about the event.  You can also support Indy Pride here with an optional donation.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Want to get involved? Share your skills and talent by volunteering with Indy Pride’s Volunteer Program presented by Salesforce. To sign-up –> https://indypride.org/volunteer/













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Indy Pride is teaming up with QUIT NOW INDIANA to encourage healthy lifestyles for all members of our community with all Pride events being tobacco-free. For support and resources to quit tobacco, visit them at quitnowindiana.com or call 1-800-QUIT NOW.

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