Emergency Plans

This plan outlines actions to be taken in the case of an emergency. Festival Staff and Volunteers should familiarize themselves with this plan. An emergency results from an incident that has the potential to disrupt the normal operations and activities of the Event and have a significant impact on the safety of event attendees.

The Emergency Action Committee, herein referred to as EAC, shall be responsible for the implementation or coordination of the Emergency Plan. Indy ride, Inc. Executive Director, Chris Handberg & President, Larry Stribling, shall have sole discretion to discontinue or postpone the Event should members of the EAC give any conflicting direction.

2019 EAC Members include the following or their designees:

Robert Patrick: Festival Director, 317-938-7904
Chris Handberg: Executive Director, 317-437-0785
Ethan Roark: Safety & Security, 317-473-8956
John Schneider: Safety & Security 317-409-9888
Larry Stribling: President of Indy Pride, Inc., 773-827-2444
Adam Wire, EMS 317-441-6025
Chad Watson, Events Director, 317-797-0071
Emergency Dispatch (Pride) 317-210-3680

Members of the Staff and volunteers will immediately report any life-threateningemergencyto 911. All other incidents should be reported to Festival Staff or Security.

Severe Weather Action Plan

A NOAA weather radio will be on hand and will be monitored by members of Indy Pride. The severe emergency plan will be activated in the following conditions:

General Thunderstorm Threats Including Lightening:Indy Pride will check the daily weather forecast to see if thunderstorms are in the forecast. Indy Pride will periodically scan the sky for signs of developing conditions. If signs of developing conditions are seen, the Festival Director will notify all individuals via the PA system. If thunder is heard and/or lightening is seen, activities will be delayed immediately. Allindividuals will be instructed to move indoors or to their vehicles (See evacuation procedures). Additionally, the 30-30 Rule for Lightening Safety will be observed, if it takes less than 30 seconds to hear thunder, lightning is close enough to pose a threat. After storm ends, there will be a wait of 30 Minutes before resuming activities.

Strong Winds Conditions: Should wind conditions reach 20 mph, all portable tents will be evacuated, as they are not wind rated. Wind speeds will be determined by watches and warnings issued by the NOAA weather radio.

Tornado Watch/Warning: Outdoors activities will be postponed,and the event grounds evacuated. Weather conditions will be monitored using spotters and NOAA weather radios. Portable buildings will be evacuated,and attendees moved into safe areas. (see evacuation Procedures)

Threat of Violence:

We have a policy to treat all threats and rumors of violence as real. Attendees are encouraged to communicate if they feel they are in danger of bodily harm or consider a threat to be immediate to the nearest Security, volunteer, Staff, or call 911.

If any workplace safety or security hazards present themselves, individuals are also encouraged to notify Staff or Security.

In some threatening situations, the PA system may be used to give instructions to attendees to remain calm and to evacuate. (see evacuation procedures)

Medical Emergency:

Immediately contacted security or staff shall collect: incident location, nature of medical emergency, whether victim is conscious, victim’s injuries, contact name, and victim’s name. Will not move victim unless necessaryand shall stay with the victim and enlist help from others to meet and guide responding personnel. In event of serious injury or illness, security/staff will immediately call 911 and shall alert other event staff to assist in guiding emergency personal.

Evacuation Procedures:

In the event of a necessary evacuation, attendees will be instructed to: Remain calm –do not panic and Do not collect personal belongings before exiting, over PA system. In the event of severe weather, individuals are encouraged to seek shelter in nearby buildings or their vehicles. Clear instructions will be sound over PA system, working in tandem with event staff to safely direct attendees off festival grounds and to shelters in orderly manner.

Buildings and contacts for shelter

In the event of severe weather, attendees are encourage to go to your vehicleand/or take shelter in the parking garages on the IUPUI cam