2020 Grand Marshals

We are delighted to celebrate people who have made significant contributions to our LGBTQ+ community by honoring them as Grand Marshals in our annual Indy Pride Parade. Please help us to recognize our Indy Pride Parade 2020 Grand Marshals: the Indy Bag Ladies, Satchuel Cole, and our newly elected LGBTQ+ Indianapolis City-County Councillors.


The Indy Bag Ladies have been selected as Indy Pride Parade 2020 Grand Marshals in honor of the organization’s 40 years of service to the Indianapolis community!

More about the Indy Bag Ladies:

In 1981, The Indy Bag Ladies formed “when a group of friends decided to replace their annual tradition of a Halloween party with a Bus Tour to bars and restaurants in Indianapolis to raise money for patients” diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The Bag Lady Bus Tour is the organization’s premier annual fundraising event. It is enjoyed by many who support their efforts to cure HIV/AIDS. 

The organization raises money for the Gregory Powers Direct Emergency Financial Assistance (DEFA) Fund in addition to raising funds for other non-profit organizations, including Step-Up, the Damien Center, Indiana Youth Group and many more. The Indy Bag Ladies also spearhead education and advocacy efforts to raise awareness of safer sex practices and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, or STIs.

The members of the Indy Bag Ladies are passionate about raising visibility and promoting the equality of the LGBTQ+ Hoosiers through comedy, fun, and inclusion. The group hosts many annual events including, Shimmering Shamrocks, For The Love of Queens, The Stockings Were Hung… and Pollyanna Parker’s Christmas In July. 

The Indy Bag Ladies is one of the oldest fundraising organizations for HIV/AIDS. 

Celebrating 40 years of service, the Indy Bag Ladies is an organization that has truly become a pillar in the LGBTQ+ community in Central Indiana.



Ali Brown, Ethan Evans, Keith Potts, and Zach Adamson have been selected as Indy Pride Parade 2020 Grand Marshals to honor the historic 2019 election of an unprecedented four LGBTQ+ City Councillors to the Indianapolis City-County Council!

More about Ali Brown:

Councillor Ali Brown (she/hers) has been on the front lines fighting for LGBTQ+ equality in Indiana for many years. Ali worked for the then AIDS Task Force of Northeast Indiana, now Positive Resource Center, for more than three years as their Rural Outreach Coordinator. In that position, Brown taught HIV/AIDS awareness and advocacy programs across 11 counties in Northeast Indiana. She worked in prisons, jails, and drug and alcohol treatment centers. She led successful fundraising efforts and fought the stigma surrounding those who are HIV positive.

Councillor Brown was the first Hoosier hired to the Freedom Indiana Campaign. This was the effort to stop HJR-3, the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage that was close to passing in 2013. Because of Brown’s work and the amazing staff of Freedom Indiana, they were able to kill the bill. Indiana was the great firewall of the movement and the last to stop a marriage ban before marriage started to be legalized across the country.  

Councillor Brown was also one of the organizers that helped to create the anti-RFRA rally at the statehouse where she spoke about the importance of mobilizing our communities to vote. 

She continues to fight for equality daily as the first out female identifying councillor to represent Indianapolis.


More about Ethan Evans:

Ethan Evans (he/his) is a native Hoosier, raised and educated in Indianapolis in an active union household. He earned a B.A. in Cinematography from SFSU and a Masters in Secondary Education from IU. He is employed by Lawrence Township School District as an Instructional Assistant and previously worked in the Marion County Surveyor’s Office as a Surveyor’s Assistant and as a teacher at IPS.

From Councillor Evans’ community activism through his campaign, and now as an elected official as Indianapolis City-County Councillor, he has stood for those without a voice. He has taken an active role in police and community conversations aimed at improving relations. 

As an openly bisexual man, he supports LGBTQ+ issues and supports anti-discrimination policies that adequately give protections to the LGBTQ+ community.  Additionally, Evans supports public educators and believes we can do so much more to support our teachers and students.  

Councillor Evans has volunteered with local community organizations that support neighborhoods, including Lawrence Community Gardens, mentoring at Kheprw Institute, as well as supporting community food and school supply drives and voter registration activities.


More about Keith Potts:

Councillor Keith Potts (he/his) is an arts advocate, having graduated in 2012 from the Boston Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He works with local not-for-profit arts organizations teaching after-school music classes, directing, and performing with organizations like the Phoenix Theatre, Indy Shakes, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Actors Theatre of Indiana, and Civic Theatre.

Potts’ political work has been centered on issue-based campaigns and progressive candidates, with a particular focus on protecting women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the environment. 

Potts lives in Nora with his husband, Dr. Bryan Dodd, and their rescue dog, Mak.


More about Zach Adamson:

As a small business owner in downtown Indianapolis for over two decades and community development advocate for over 18 years, Councillor Adamson (he/his) spends much of his time on the issues important to working families and their communities including economic development, social justice, the environment, and animal welfare. 

Councillor Adamson is a member of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) and serves as one of only three Latinos in elective office in Marion County. In 2014, he was voted Best Progressive Lawmaker and in 2015 he was voted Best Political Activist in the NUVO Best of Indy Readers Poll.  

In 2011, when Adamson was first elected as an At-Large City Councillor, he was Indiana’s first openly gay elected official. When he took office in 2012 and until 2013, representing all residents of Marion County, his was the 2nd largest constituency of any openly gay elected official in the nation. 

The 2020 Indy Pride Parade marks the 11th time Adamson has walked in the Parade as either a candidate or elected official. Councillor Adamson is an alumni of the Indiana Youth Group and has been working on LGBTQ+ activism for 30 years since moving to Indy in 1990. 

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